Notes from the company retreat

We’re lucky enough to have friends at Barton Manor on the Isle of Wight, and just spent a fantastic week there reviewing our current projects, preparing for upcoming ones, welcoming new members of the team, and generally spending quality time together with the team and our families.

We’ll post more about the projects over the coming weeks, but it’ll become clear why we’ve not posted here that much since the summer.  We’ll publish our first major research this month, and announce some major new clients we’ve secured.  But as a quick tease:

– we’re doing a lot of work on new internet access models

– we’re doing a lot of work on digital entrepreneurship

– we’re doing a lot of user research to understand digital lives

On top of discussing these topics, we ate and drank together, had a Halloween party, let off fireworks, walked in the amazing grounds, and generally had a fantastic time together.  The toughest part of being a virtual team spread from San Francisco to Cape Town is not spending time together.  The best part of company retreats is, well, spending time together.

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