New Projects, New Staff

It’s been an incredibly busy start to the year here, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.  While we can’t talk about all the stuff we’re working on just yet, we will be sharing every piece of research and knowledge we glean as soon as we can, and will update here on the links to the work we’re doing.  We will also be launching a dedicated research site later in the summer to host the burgeoning amount of research we’ll be publishing.

We learn equally from our analysis, academic research and delivery in the field.  The three approaches are vital to us and complement each other well.  One of the new projects we started this year is a very innovative service we’re trialling with partners, and as we do more of this and as we grow as a team, we need to have excellent staff who can manage this and make sure that everything on the projects runs smoothly.

It’s with great pleasure we can announce that Tim Hayward has joined us as Senior Director, Operations at Caribou Digital.  He’s the leading programme director on one of our key delivery projects at the moment and will lead on all the delivery projects we have.  I’ve worked with him a lot over the past four years and it’s been great, so I’m very glad to have the chance to continue to work with him.