Brookings Blum meeting 2015

Next week we’re very honoured to be at the Brookings Blum Roundtable on Global Poverty for the third time. The meeting in Aspen is a great group of international development experts, and the discussion both around the table and around the campus afterwards is always excellent.

More importantly, this year the topic of discussion is digital economies and the role of international development. A timely topic as the World Bank WDR 2016 report will address this issue, and from our conversations with clients, donors and Governments there is a strong desire to have a nuanced conversation about the positives and the negatives of connecting the world’s population to the Internet.

We’re speaking on a session on the cultural impacts of Internet connectivity, which we’re seeing doesn’t always liberalise minds in the way we might like it to.

The week is Chatham House rules, but will be tweeted from Brooking’s account @brookingsglobal