New Projects, New Staff

It’s been an incredibly busy start to the year here, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.  While we can’t talk about all the stuff we’re working on just yet, we will be sharing every piece of research and knowledge we glean as soon as…


Research & Team News

Lots and lots of interesting stuff going on at the moment. Some delivery projects we’re working on we’ll be able to talk about publicly early next year, but we’re very excited about them. We’re working with some wonderful clients on projects…



We’ve had a very busy September, and there’ll be some announcements soon on new projects, interesting stuff we’re working on, and interesting people we’re working with.

In the meantime – Peter Theil’s recent comment that monopolies are a…


Smartphone Only Countries


We’re usually a little sceptical of the claim of the rise of smart phones in emerging markets.  Sure, prices are crashing and adoption is growing fast, but is there a similar pace of adoption of the data services that make them more than just…