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Watch this space

For the best part of the last year we’ve worked with Inmarsat and Dalberg to develop a proposal for a new programme promoting satellite applications in emerging markets.   We submitted a proposal at the end of last year with Inmarsat leading a consortium including Equity Bank in Kenya, MAMA in Nigeria, the Space Applications […]

Speaking, and travelling, and speaking.

We’re still incredibly busy, and will talk about the projects we’re working on as soon as clients allow.  But we can talk about the upcoming speaking engagements we’re doing, where we will be giving sneaky peeks into the results of some of our work.  If you’re going to any of these events, come and see […]

New Projects, New Staff

It’s been an incredibly busy start to the year here, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.  While we can’t talk about all the stuff we’re working on just yet, we will be sharing every piece of research and knowledge we glean as soon as we can, and will update here on the links […]

Caribou Digital/Vital Wave Digital Economies Whitepaper

In April 2014, Caribou Digital and Vital Wave hosted a one-day symposium on Digital Economies at the EmPac Centre at University of California, San Diego. This symposium convened world-leading experts from the industry and non-profit space in a roundtable to discuss a wide range of issues about the opportunities and barriers to building digital economies […]

Repairing the ‘institutional voids’ – mobile entrepreneurship report with Vimplecom

We’ve been working with Vimplecom on understanding the role mobile operators play in supporting nascent entrepreneur ecosystems, and the report we wrote with them is published today.  We’re pleased to have been able to partner with them to explore where the ‘institutional voids’ are in some markets that mean it’s hard to support young entrepreneurs. […]

Research & Team News

Lots and lots of interesting stuff going on at the moment. Some delivery projects we’re working on we’ll be able to talk about publicly early next year, but we’re very excited about them. We’re working with some wonderful clients on projects we feel will genuinely change the markets we’re working in. What we can talk […]


We’ve had a very busy September, and there’ll be some announcements soon on new projects, interesting stuff we’re working on, and interesting people we’re working with. In the meantime – Peter Theil’s recent comment that monopolies are a good thing has cropped up constantly in discussions we’ve had with people.  In a digital age when […]

The high capex cost of infrastructure

This from Benedict Evans weekly email: Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is willing to spend ‘billions’ to expand internet access in emerging markets. That’ll be interesting. Note that global mobile operator capex is somewhere over $200bn a year, or over double the entire internet advertising market. It’s his response to the news that Zuckerberg is prepared […]

Smartphone Only Countries

We’re usually a little sceptical of the claim of the rise of smart phones in emerging markets.  Sure, prices are crashing and adoption is growing fast, but is there a similar pace of adoption of the data services that make them more than just a pretty thing to hold in your hand?  Anecdotes abound of […]