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Our Work 4 – Expert Opinions on the new Internet Access market

In the course of the Digital Lives in Ghana, Kenya & Uganda project, we had the opportunity to talk to leading researchers, practitioners, and innovators in the Information and Communication for Development (ICT4D) community. The 26 expert interviews allowed us to (re) consider the dynamic digital landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa from a variety of perspectives. […]

After Access

We’re incredibly lucky to have Jonathan Donner as our Senior Director of Research. Not only is he one of the leading ICT4D researchers globally, but he’s an erudite and valuable leader for our research portfolio. (He’s also a lot of fun to work with. Anyone who carries their long-board with them from Cape Town, just […]

Our Work 3 – Digital Lives in Ghana Kenya and Uganda

Download our Digital Lives in Ghana, Kenya & Uganda report now For most of this year we’ve worked in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation to develop a new research report on the digital lives of low-income people in three countries – Ghana, Kenya & Uganda.  This has been a mix of primary focus group research and […]

Our Work 2 – 2015 projects

As more of a tease, we’ve updated our project page to list everything we’ve been working on this year. It’s been busy, with lots of exciting stuff we’ll be publishing in the coming months.  We’ll link to the first of these research reports next week.

Notes from the company retreat

We’re lucky enough to have friends at Barton Manor on the Isle of Wight, and just spent a fantastic week there reviewing our current projects, preparing for upcoming ones, welcoming new members of the team, and generally spending quality time together with the team and our families. We’ll post more about the projects over the […]

Brookings Blum meeting 2015

Next week we’re very honoured to be at the Brookings Blum Roundtable on Global Poverty for the third time. The meeting in Aspen is a great group of international development experts, and the discussion both around the table and around the campus afterwards is always excellent. More importantly, this year the topic of discussion is […]

Notes from the 2015 ICT4D Conference in Singapore

We were excited to be a part of the program at The Seventh International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD2015) in Singapore. Jonathan Donner, Charlotte Smart, and David Taverner from Caribou Digital participated in four days of sessions, demos, papers, notes, and ideas exchange, as well as some wonderful gatherings and cultural […]

Facebook “levelling” the playing field?

(This post is by Bryan Pon – who is leading Caribou Digital’s research into the power structures in global app stores and platforms.) The recent move by Facebook to open the Internet.org service to “any developers” has stirred a new wave of debate and criticism about the initiative. This new move is largely a response […]

The Inequality of Global App Stores

Last week we were in Chicago at the annual AAG conference participating in an excellent session of talks on “Geographies of Production in Digital Economies of Low-Income Countries.” There were great presentations and conversations around the potential (and today’s empirical reality) of digital work in emerging markets, especially around micro work, mobile apps and internet, […]